2019 Points

REMINDER – You had to compete in a class 3 times in order to qualify for year-end awards. If you rode more than one horse in the speed classes, you had to compete 3 times on each horse.

*Sorry for the delay.  We were dealing with several computer issues. 

The inscriptions on the buckles will be done with the following: 

1st place buckle
Top Banner- Gateway Saddle Club
2nd Banner- Champion
3rd Banner- Person & Horse name
4th Banner- 2019
5th Banner- Class Name

Reserve 2nd place buckle
Top Banner- GSC 2019
2nd Banner- Person & Horse name
3rd Banner- Reserve Champion

2019 Points

Award Directions

Award Selection Sheet

First Place

Second Place

Third Place

Fourth Place

Fifth Place

Sixth-Place (1)